To improve the genetic potential of Mil Farm’s cattle herd in particular and national cattle herd in general.



Centre of Excellence for Bovine Genetics (CEBG) is training and productiveinstitute of Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps (RV & FC). It was established by RV & FC in collaboration with Planning Commission of Pakistan and Livestock Dairy Development Department (LDDD) as a mega project to improve the genetic potential of livestock at Military Farms cattle herd and national level. After closure of the project CEBG is working as an independent organization of Pak Army since 1st July 2011 and have the privilege of being the only ISO 9001 – 2008 certified SPU / ET centre in Pakistan.




  • Holstein Friesian
  • Jersey
  • Sahiwal
  • Brahman (Beef)
  • Cholistani
  • Buffalo


  • Holstein Friesian
  • Cross Bred (Dairy)
  • Brahman (Beef)

ET Wing

CEBG Embryo transfer wing is equipped with a modern in vivo embryo production and transfer lab. Elite Donors (Imported Frisian, Pak Frisian, Crossbred and Brahman) from cattle herd of Military Farms are kept here for the production of genetically superior embryos. Locally produced and imported embryos are then transferred into recipients having inferior genetic makeup (surrogate mothers). These recipients give birth to genetically superior calves.

SP Wing

Semen Production Wing of CEBG is equipped with a modern semen processing lab having Ceros –II (Computerized External Real Image Optic System) for semen analysis and Integrated system 4 (IS4 Machine) for automatic filling, printing and sealing of semen straws to avoid human errors and contamination.

A.I/ETT Training Center:

Being the only successful ET institute of Pakistan, CEBG ET Wing is also working as Artificial insemination (A.I) and Embryo Transfer (ET) training institute. So far this training institute has imparted training to hundreds of civil veterinary officers, veterinary assistants, artificial insemination technicians and community livestock extension workers who are providing their service in the field.


Center of Excellence for Bovine Genetics (CEBG) Renala Khurd/Okara

Tel: 044-2636001
Mob: 03316914040, 03449065865,03015022202
Email: cebg.renala@gmail.com